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Thank you for joining me last night, it was great to work with you 😀

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
Unfortunately, for most of us learning to love ourselves and have compassion for ourselves is a scary and uncomfortable thing to do. We are not openly encouraged to be our own cheerleaders. However, if we take the time to get comfortable with this unease, we will come to a place where we begin to feel love and compassion for ourselves. Out of this love and compassion comes respect. When we have love, compassion and respect for ourselves, our life takes new meaning and becomes more fulfilling than it ever was previously.

How do I know?! ...because I have been there! I have been where you are now. I never had love or compassion for myself. I used to beat myself up with unkind words. Then I learned that the words I was using were so untrue. That there were many examples that contradicted this internal narrative I held of myself. Once I began to see this and reframed my thinking, I was able to find love and compassion for myself and begin to build a strong sense of self-esteem ❤

This Week
Keep thinking of and making a mental and/or written note of all the examples which prove your negative self-narrative is simply not true. Keep an internal jar with these thoughts inside and when you have a moment that those negative thoughts wash over you, reach into that jar and pull out examples of the positives. Cherish those positives and really connect with how awesome they feel 😀

Things to have a look at and consider:
Brené Brown - The Power of Vulnerability
If you haven't watched Brené Brown's TED Talk on Vulnerability, it is very much worth a watch. I am naturally someone who is able to express emotion with others and make myself vulnerable, but I know I am in the minority with how at ease I am with this. Brené is a great example of someone for whom this is not their natural default, and with her academic research to back up her insights, she provides a wonderfully humorous discussion on why being vulnerable is key to gaining so much of the positive things we want from life.

Gabor Maté - How and Why We Internalise Ourselves as The Problem
This clip from Gabor Maté's interview with Tom Bilyeu is very insightful. Often our internal dislike for ourselves stems from things that happened to us in early childhood. He explains how we internalise these things as our fault because it is safer as a small child to do this than to accept that those adults whose care we are in may not be perfect. This applies to a broad spectrum of things and does not means you need to have been abused in early childhood to hold this view. It also does not mean your parents or caregivers were inadequate. No child pops out of the womb with a parenting manual! We are all just muddling through this thing called life and none of us get it 100% perfect. When we begin to realise that these things are not about us, we can begin to heal from emotional wounds we have been nursing for so long.

The 365 Day Journal Day 19 – It’s not about you
This is an example of my thought process recently around the the sentiment that it is not about us.

If you have any questions about anything that has come up for you during this process, please do get in touch. I am here to help you through.

I hope to see you online soon.

Best wishes,

Val ❤ xx