Weightlifting is the Olympic sport relating to the two lifts, the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch.

Through Be Strong Weightlifting Club and strength and conditioning coaching, I teach and coach the basics of the lifts.

I very much enjoy the lifts and think they complement any weight training, strength training or sports conditioning programme.

My interest in weightlifting came through training CrossFit®. I enjoyed lifting so much and wanted to learn more and so I put myself through the British Weight Lifting courses; Level 2 Instructing Weight Lifting, Level 1 Coaching Weight Lifting and Level 2 Coaching Weight Lifting. I am a licensed Level 2 Coach with British Weight Lifting and also hold a clean Disclosure and Barring Service check with them.

I have competed in many functional fitness competitions where experience of the lifts is necessary.

I have had private coaching with Marius Hardiman to further develop my weightlifting technique and knowledge and will continue to develop myself in this sport for both my own enjoyment and to help teach others. 

Strength and conditioning coaches make use of weightlifting in order to help develop elite athletes. At the top of many sports, the Clean is often used as a guiding metric with athletes.

Weightlifting is a great way to get fit and it has great transferable skills to sports and running.

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