I offer support with weight training and strength training in respect of both training methods and technique advice. I am keen on helping people develop good technique and biomechanical movements during weight training in order to avoid unnecessary injury through poor form. 

I have been using the main weight training lifts of the back squat, bench press and deadlift in my own training for nearly 20 years and I am keen on developing strength through training with free-weights.

I offer in person coaching and training as well as remote coaching and programming

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No you won’t get big and bulky… unless that’s what you want and then you will have to work very hard, eat right and take supplements to make that happen. We women do not have an over abundance of testosterone and hence we don’t naturally put on muscle in the same way that men do.

Women should train with weights, especially if the goal is to lose weight and tone up. When you train with weights at the right intensity you increase your body’s metabolic rate 24/7, meaning you are burning more calories all day every day!

Whether you are experienced in the gym or are new to it, I can help you with your fitness goals through the use of weight training.

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