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Train Slower to Run Faster

"Do you want to run faster? Then you need to slow down."

Matt Fitzgerald - Acclaimed endurance sports coach, nutritionist, and author. 

I hate to break it to you, but most runners train too fast from a sport and exercise physiology, health and sports performance perspective.

As crazy as this sounds, we should be training slower.

The 80/20 principle, used in many areas of life!, is also applicable to cardiovascular fitness for both health and performance benefits.

80% of cardiovascular training should be at a low intensity.

Only 20% of cardiovascular training should be at a high intensity.

As humans we were designed as endurance beings and should have well adapted aerobic energy systems - i.e. fat burning.

Yet, living in a culture of technological advance means we are not as active as we would have been in decades gone by. This reduction in activity means a reduction in training for our aerobic system.

This is bad news for both health and performance.

Join this talk to learn more about the aerobic and anaerobic systems and why running slower in training will keep you:
-more able to burn fat
-less prone to injury
-able to run faster in events and races
-smash the PBs you’ve been seeking!


Val Craft

Coach in Running Fitness - England Athletics

Post Graduate Certificate in Strength & Conditioning

Plyometrics, Agility & Speed - UKSCA Workshop

MAF Foundations Graduate - Phil Maffetone

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26th MAY 7:15pm