Running is one fundamental human movement that we all as humans do at some point in our lives, be it to run for a bus, to play sport or to run as an activity in its own right.

Unfortunately, most of us have never been taught how to run. This can lead to injury risk as well as making running harder for ourselves!

If you run a 10km race and have a stride length of 1 metre, that's 10,000 steps. If those 10,000 steps have poor movement quality you lose efficiency, make it harder for yourself and also increase your risk of injury.

I became interested in learning how to run better as it was one of my weakest areas of fitness. I qualified as a Coaching Assistant and then a Coach in Running Fitness through England Athletics and have researched and studied running for Strength & Conditioning.

Strength & Conditioning is key for runners. However, most runners are scared of strength training due to the notion that strength = bulk! Training to increase muscle size is a very specific modality of training and is not necessary for most people. Strength training for strength will not increase your bulk, but it will help you run more efficiently and help reduce injury risk.

So far through coaching I have helped many runners, including supporting three of them to achieve these personal bests:

Kerry - 10km PB of 1 hour 2 minutes, an improvement of 8 minutes!

Paul - Marathon PB of 4 hours 21 minutes, an improvement of 8 minutes!

Andy - Scafell Skyrace (40km with 3500m of ascent) PB of 7 hours 7 minutes. The previous year on a slightly longer course (it was shortened due to poor weather but not by a significant amount) he ran it in 10 hours 15 minutes!

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