Indoor Rowing and Ski Erg are both great forms of cardiovascular exercise. Indoor rowing is estimated to make use of 86% ​of the body's muscles! Therefore providing a great way to burn a lot of calories via low impact cardiovascular exercise!

Unfortunately, indoor rowing in particular is a skill that needs to be learnt. Without coaching it is difficult to learn the required technique to make the most of the indoor rower.

The ski erg requires less skill to make use of it. However, there are also some common faults I see with people using the ski erg that are very easily fixed through coaching meaning you become more efficient in the movement.

I currently Row and Ski and am a member of an online indoor rowing team where I get involved in a variety of rowing challenges. I also have a profile on the Concept 2 Logbook. I find the challenges for the team and via the logbook give me great motivation to train. If you find something active you enjoy doing, staying fit and healthy becomes easy!


Visit the achievements page to see my current results.

Come along to one of my Indoor Rowing Workshops and learn about both rowing and ski erg technique.

Or, get in touch to organise a 1-2-1 or small group session.

Indoor Rowing Workshop - including introduction to Ski Erg

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