Goal Setting for Health & Well-Being!

Thoughtful Thursday 27th February 2020

So this may seem a little boastful... and probably is! 🤣🙈 ...but 4 British records! Yassss! 🙌 However, the point isn’t about being an egotistical dick, but rather to discuss the benefits of goal setting for happiness & well-being.

I've currently been reading and, more importantly, re-reading the titles displayed below and one of the common themes is the idea that goal setting provides a great way to continue to grow and develop and also to bring about inner happiness.

One key human drive is the desire for self-actualisation. This is the innate desire to achieve in life and we all have it and/or are affected by it, especially if we don't feel like we are achieving. This is one reason setting goals and working towards them helps build a successful, fulfilling and, therefore, happy life.

Key areas in life to set goals include:

  • Relationship - significant other/family (an area grossly overlooked by most!)

  • Work (often masked by work priorities rather than your own genuine goals and desires)

  • Finances - earnings, savings, retirement (an area grossly overlooked by most!)

  • Fitness & well-being (an area overlooked by many)

Once you’ve achieved one goal, it’s important to set about working towards the next goal.

I am actually working to try and achieve a record on the indoor rower. Due to indoor rowing being a big and long established sport, I am working very hard to make this dream become a reality. On the way I began to have a go at the SkiErg as it's a piece of kit I use with clients. I use the 1000m SkiErg as a benchmark fitness test. When I began using it in my group remote coaching programme in November 2019, I realised that some of the times female members in the gym were posting were of a very high calibre!

The SkiErg features often in classes at the gym, but due to my indoor rowing pursuits, I rarely used it myself. In September 2019 I had a go at the 1000m SkiErg and managed a time of 4:07.7 ...not bad, but not terribly ground-breaking! Due to the success of the girl's times on the group remote coaching programme, I spoke with Pierre (the gym owner) and we decided to run a challenge in the gym of 1000m SkiErg leading up to the Christmas Fitness Event in the gym happening on the 14th December 2019.

My father passed away on 30th September 2019 and this affected my ability to train at intensity. So although I had a keen desire to increase my 1000m SkiErg time, I wasn't able to train at high intensity. So, with my new knowledge of the benefits of low heart rate training, I began training on the SkiErg. The following are all of the workouts I completed before retesting my 1000m SkiErg time:

  • 15th Nov: 2 x 30 min less than 150bpm heart rate sessions

  • 17th Nov: 1 x 45 min less than 150bpm heart rate session

  • 19th Nov: 1 x 60 min less than 145bpm heart rate session

  • 21st Nov: 2 x 1000m training Ski – sub-maximal efforts

  • 26th Nov: 4 sets x 200m @ 2:02 pace 200m easy 200m @ 1:58 pace 200m easy - no rest

  • 27th Nov: 2 sets: 5 x 500m @ 2:30 pace 1min easy between reps and 3min easy between sets

  • 10th Dec: 1 x 45 min less than 145bpm heart rate session

  • 11th Dec: 1 x 45 min less than 145bpm heart rate session

  • 12th Dec: 10 x 100m sprint with 20 sec rest between reps

  • 13th Dec: 1000m Time Trial

bpm = beats per minute – heart rate training

I worked hard even though I couldn't train often at high intensity. I was over the moon with my new time of 3:52.8. When I checked on the Concept2 leader-boards, I soon discovered that this was actually a new British record in my age category! Although I had not set out to break a record on the SkiErg, I was now the proud owner of one!

I then sought to break other SkiErg records that were already within my capability. The four records I have broken are those I set out to achieve and I am very proud of my efforts. I am now going to settle back into indoor rowing in the hope of achieving a record on the indoor rower within the next 12 months.

What are your goals? What do you want from life?

One of my life aims has always been to reach a ripe old age and look back on a life full of tales of things I’ve done, places I’ve been and things I’ve achieved. So far I think I’m rocking it! That doesn’t mean I’ve not had struggles in life, far from it! It just means I’ve chosen not to let them dominate my world!

I live a life working from one goal to the next and I hope very much to continue this pattern throughout my life. I have goals in each of the four areas identified above and will continue to review and develop these over time. I consider myself to be a fairly happy little human and I think this is in part due to the way in which I live my life.

If you have a fitness goal you want to achieve, let me help you. Get in touch today to see how I can help.

Procedure for a happy fulfilled life...

  • Set goals!

  • Work towards them!

  • Smash them!

  • ...also re-read great books! (stolen from Dan John... thanks Dan!)