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Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Let’s Get Real! - Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset For Life

You find yourself constantly in and out of trying to eat better and get in shape. But along the way it just feels easy to fall back into old habits and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to have the body or lifestyle you so often crave.

When I was working in the gym environment, I came across so many people who were exercising to be able to eat and not worry about their body shape or what they ate.

Once a female member made a comment to me about training so that she could eat the foods she wanted to. One year a male member made a comment to me about trying to eat guilt free over Christmas due to training less over the holiday period.

On both occasions it seemed as though the members were looking for me to side with them in feeling like this.

But I don’t feel that way. I eat the things I eat and live the life I live and I don’t feel guilty about food. I chose my diet based on health for longevity, which is a very different concept and mindset.

And you can achieve this too if you want it.

...but only if you don’t have competing goals!

Let's get real! We need to have a think about what it is we are eating and what body shape and lifestyle we want to have. If how we want to live and what we are prepared to do for that don’t align, we will always be disappointed.

For example, if I want to become the world’s strongest woman (in my age category of course since over 40 I’m highly unlike to be the best in the world! #masterssport) but then go and run 10km 5 days per week whilst only training weights once or twice per week, I am highly unlikely to achieve my goal!



  • If you want to be able to eat junk food and sugar more days than not and more than wholefoods, the chances are you are not going to achieve an athletic or slim looking physique that lasts.

  • What you put in your mouth matters much more for your physique in terms of body fat, than how much exercise you do.


How many of you train week-in-week out yet still have not achieved your desired physique?

Get the food right, and you can then choose exercise you enjoy rather than beasting yourself with fitness to prevent feeling guilty about what you eat.

I highly recommend thinking about fitness and nutrition as part of healthy living for life, rather than as something in the here and now.

Begin with the End in Mind

Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, talks about the idea of Begin with the End in Mind. Take yourself towards the end of your life. You’re sitting comfortably in your rocking chair talking to the children of the generation but one down in your family, what do you want to be able to tell them? What did your life look like?

❓Was it plagued by trying to lose weight and eat healthy?

❓Was it plagued by a negative relationship with food and/or exercise?

❓Was it plagued by ill-health brought about by poor lifestyle choices?


❓Was it full of fun and enjoyment?

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”

Stephen Covey


Let’s Get Real

  • Processed foods and sugar are implicated in both physical and mental ill-health.

  • Most processed foods contain chemicals that are toxic to the human body. On a daily basis, this does not cause instant ill-health. However, day-after-day, year-after-year the impact of the body having to deal with and break down such toxins is ill-health and disease.

  • Research confirms that eating a diet high in processed foods increases the risk of:

  • Coronary Heart Disease

  • Stroke

  • Diabetes

  • And is implicated in many forms of Cancer as well as Mental ill-health

Processed foods are any foods that come packaged and that have an ingredients list.

Wholefoods are things that are grown in nature – either in the ground, on plants or on trees as well as animals that travel over land, sea or air.

  • Research tells us that 800 grams per day, or 10 portions, of vegetables and fruit yield great health benefits for humans, including:

  • Improved mental wellbeing

  • Improved body composition

  • Decreased risk of

  • Coronary Heart Disease

  • Stroke

  • Diabetes

  • And many forms of cancer


What do you want?

In terms of body composition, most people who chose healthier food options have a physique that others aspire to and that they themselves are happy with.

The lesson here is then, if we want good health and a physique we feel happy with, we need to chose more healthier choices over processed foods and sugar.

There’s a link here people! Good food choices = a body composition you feel happy with! 😀

We live in a time where life is very comfortable and we are marketed so many things that are bad for our health.

But, we have a choice.

We can choose good food choices and health long-term.


We can choose poor food choices and risk ill-health long-term.

If you want health and a physique that is sustainable it starts from deep within. You have to want a change for life and one that is deeply and intrinsically motivated.

As a child I remember having a desire to live a long and healthy life. I think this innate desire is what means I find it relatively easy to be active, to choose to eat plenty of whole foods and less processed food and to ensure I look after my mental and emotional wellbeing.

What do you want from life?

Begin with the End in Mind

Live Life Love Life ❤

Be the Best You 💪