My personal philosophy with regard to training centres around the desire to help others be fitter, stronger and more able to cope with physical demands in everyday life.

I aim to help people move better and feel fitter using training sessions that work on different elements of fitness including:

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Flexibility

  • Mobility

  • Strength

  • Cardiovascular fitness

I believe that if you focus on getting better at elements of fitness, health, aesthetic goals and weight loss naturally follow. I believe that health and wellbeing are long term lifestyle habits and not just short-term fads. If you can find an element of fitness you enjoy, you can then help yourself towards leading a healthy and active lifestyle for life.



I became very interested in how strength and conditioning training can help sport after seeing how training in CrossFit® positively impacted my snowboarding.

I want to help competitive and recreational athletes and sports people to better themselves in their sport by being fitter and more able to cope with the demands of their sport.

See the Strength & Conditioning section to find out more.