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During the COVID-19 Pandemic I am offering a FREE Online Employee Wellbeing Talk on alcohol.

UK Statistics Published in 2018 suggest that 25million people in England regularly drink alcohol. Bearing in mind that health surveys are not always completed truthfully, it is possible that the figures reported underestimate the scale of the situation.

In Leontaridi's paper published in 2003, it was suggested that the cost of lost production in the workplace in England was £7.3 billion.

Given that the amount spent on alcohol in the UK has risen between 2005-2019, it is reasonable to assume that the cost of lost production has also increased due to an increase in alcohol consumption.

In the Global Burden of Disease study in 2019, of 87 risk factors in 204 countries, for the 25-49 year age group, alcohol was reported as the number one disability adjusted loss in years risk factor – i.e. after deaths from disability were taken out of the equation alcohol was the highest risk factor for the number of life years lost due to premature death for the 25-49 years age group.

Despite there being copious amounts of research on the ill-effects of alcohol for human health and the knock-on negative effect that alcohol consumption has in the workplace, I have never as an employed person been given awareness training on the effects of alcohol as part of an employee wellbeing programme.

Things may have moved on and some employers may well already include this as part of their employee wellbeing offer.

Either way, whether your company already has information on alcohol available to you or not, I would like to offer companies a FREE Talk on the subject of alcohol in respect of employee health and wellbeing.