• Do you have an ongoing battle with food that you can't seem to win?

  • Do you sometimes or often feel negative about life?

  • Did COVID-19 dampen your 2020?

  • Do you wish you could be more active in a healthy way, rather than either being inactive or going out hell for leather and then burning out?

If you answered yes to one of the above, then my Be Healthy programme can help you.

Using Fitness, Positive Mindset, Mindfulness and an accountability goal setting process that is driven by you, I can help you live a healthier and happier life in 2021.

The programme is tailored to your needs and your time so get in touch for a FREE consultation to discuss.

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You can tailor the programme to your needs.

It is recommended to complete at least 9 weeks hence it is advertised as a 9 week programme.


Information on behaviour change often cite 21 days as enough time for someone to make a behaviour change. However, this was based on the work of Maxwell Maltz* who was a plastic surgeon. In his research he observed that it took 21 days for ‘an old mental image to dissolve and a new one to jell’. His work was more concerned with the development of self-image for behaviour change amongst patients undergoing plastic surgery.

More recent research specifically on ‘real world’ behaviour change (i.e. more everyday activity behaviour change) conducted by Phillippa Lally** and others reported that 66 days was the average length of time for behaviour change to occur based on modelling of their study cohort.

*Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Explained by Maxwell Maltz
**How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world by Phillippa Lally, Cornelia H. M. Van Jaarsveld, Henry W. W. Potts and Jane Wardle

Although an exact time-frame is not possible to deduce since we are all very individual, what we do know for certain is that repeated action consistently over time will lead to behaviour change.

The 9 week programme offers 3 x 21 days which is 63 days in total, providing you with the best kick-start to impact the behaviour change you are seeking.

9 Week Programme

The programme is tailored to your needs, your available expenditure and what you would like from it.

Options for the 9 week Be Healthy Programme:

  • £45 for the accountability programme via email/message (£5 per week)

  • £90 for the accountability programme plus a call (up to 30 minutes) every week to discuss in person the agreement and two week reflection (£10 per week)

  • £270 for the accountability programme plus a 1 hour online fitness session – during the session we can also discuss the agreement and two week reflection (£30 per week)

You can access a call or fitness session as and when you want to, e.g. every other week to talk through the reflection, hence the programme can be tailored to meet your needs. You can even upgrade throughout as an when you need if you select just the accountability programme to begin with.

You will be supported throughout and you are in control of the changes you implement week-to-week. The agreement and reflection hold you accountable for your actions and behaviour which aid in making the changes you want to see.

If you would like a call to discuss this further or ask any questions please get in touch.