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Let’s Talk Sugar! 🍭 🍫 🍬 

No, this isn’t an advert to smoke & eat junk food! 😆🙈

It’s quite the contrary!

If you want to live a long and healthy life, would you smoke cigarettes on a daily basis?
(The answer you’re looking for is ‘no!’ 😆👍)

😮Unpopular Opinion Incoming... (an opinion based on research tho!)
If you want to live a long and healthy life, did you know that overconsuming sugar on a daily basis is akin to smoking in terms of health and wellbeing?!

When we overconsume foods, it’s not often fat or veggies we overeat, it’s sugar!
It’s no wonder since sugar is addictive. It excites the pleasure-reward circuitry of the brain and gives us a hit of dopamine to feel good.

❗️Sugar is bad for our microbiome, the bacteria and fungus that live in our gut. Sugar messes up the ratio of certain microbiome and leads to a state where inflammation is increased and this eventually leads to ill-health conditions like heart disease. It can also lead to mental ill-health as research has shown links between poor gut health & low mental wellbeing.

❗️Research has also shown a link between sugar consumption and incidence of cancer.

⚠️Smoking a cigarette one day isn’t going to lead to lung cancer tomorrow, but smoking day-in-day out over years and decades is likely to.

⚠️Eating sugary treats one day isn’t going to present as ill-health tomorrow, but eating sugar day-in-day-out over years and decades is likely to.

❌In terms of fat-loss, as long as you’re in a calorie deficit you can achieve weight loss and hence eat as much sugar as you want in line with your calorie count for the day...

✅But if you want long-term health and wellbeing, you should err on the side of caution and moderate your sugar consumption.