Research suggests that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender communities are more likely to experience mental health issues than heterosexual and cis-gendered people due to a variety of socio-political reasons and factors.


In my experience, the LGBT communities in Swindon appear to be underrepresented in gym and fitness communities and this concerns me due to my thoughts on how physical health and well-being relate to mental health and well-being.


As part of LGBT Pride month, I have released an online survey to capture the voices of LGBT people to understand their thoughts on physical health and what they would like to see available to ensure they are included in opportunities to develop and maintain positive physical health.


If you identify as LGBT, or not if you prefer not to label yourself, and would like to enquire about how to be more physically active, to further develop your physical fitness or to get involved in any of the activities I currently offer please get in touch.


Be Proud to Be You. Be Physically and Mentally Fit. Be the Best You!

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