I am keen to help those who experience low mental health and/or low self-esteem. Being active has definitely helped me keep on an even keel. I have in the past struggled with nightmares, difficulty sleeping, anxiety and panic attacks. I believe that maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle has helped me to manage during the more difficult times.

I enjoy physical training as seeing positive results with my body has often helped me maintain a positive mindset.

One thing I realised is that for me, someone who has always been active, when I have a difficult time emotionally it isn’t hard for me to take myself off to the gym to train. We tell people who have low mental health that they should exercise to help with their emotions and mental state. Yet accessing exercise or fitness provision on its own without any mental health difficulties can be a really tough and challenging thing to do. So to ask someone who is then having difficulties to go and do something that is scary in its own right must be hugely daunting. This is why supporting others is important to me. I would like to share the joy of fitness and to show how positive physical changes can really help to keep a more positive mindset in difficult times.

If you are interested to see if I can help you, please get in touch.

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