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Hi Val, thank you so much for the advice that you have given. I look forward to reading some of the books that you have recommended and embarking on this journey of self discovery.


To be honest I think that the fact it was a 1-2-1 rather than a group session made it possible for me to be truly honest so I greatly appreciate the time you gave and the words & advice you shared with me.


Also, it was refreshing to hear your story and be reminded that these things take time and effort and won’t always work instantly. 

Thank you again for an interesting talk, it was great to meet you and hear your story and thoughts & advice. 


1-2-1 or small-group talk designed to help you better understand alcohol

This talk is based on the Employee Wellbeing Talk that Val developed. After delivering it in a 1-2-1 setting it became clear that it was more useful for people to have a personalised experience learning more about alcohol and its dangers during a two-way conversation.

Val began a 10 year+ career in Youth Work working for a young people's alcohol misuse service. At that point in time she had no idea she would later encounter her own dependency on alcohol.


This talk is designed to:

  • Raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol

  • Encourage safe limits of alcohol consumption


  • Support anyone wishing to evaluate or reduce their alcohol intake or even become teetotal.


This is a presentation and two-way discussion where Val will talk through some of the dangers of alcohol using her own story of struggle as part of the backdrop whilst encouraging you to join the conversation to develop your own learning.


Please bring with you any questions you may have and an open mind.


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