My name is Val and I have been training in gyms on and off since 1994 at the tender age of 16. I first joined the local community centre gym and was instantly hooked on training. I can only attribute my desire to train in the gym to being an avid fan of the hit 90s TV show Gladiators since no one else in my family trained in the gym!


One of my caveats to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that you need to find the active thing that you enjoy doing or you’ll struggle to stick at it. For me, fitness and weight training make me happy and hence I have stuck with it for so long.


I aim to make training with me as fun as possible to help you enjoy fitness and being active as I do.

I played sport growing up and over the years. I used to swim and do karate as a child into my teenage years. I then played ice hockey and football before discovering snowboarding. I was then a snowboard instructor and freestyle coach for a few years here in the UK at indoor snow slopes. I was fortunate to learn from and coach for both Maverix and Trick Tech and absolutely loved my time snowboarding and coaching with them.

In November 2015 I started back training in the gym more seriously after dropping back on snowboarding. I started CrossFit® and loved it! In my first two years I competed in several functional fitness competitions. This included winning the Female Masters pairs category at the Superhuman Games in 2017 with my former training partner.

In Autumn 2018 I was asked to join an online indoor rowing team, Red Line Rowers, following submitting scores to the Concept 2 Logbook. I have since attended the 'Go Row Indoor' instructor course with British Rowing, the RowingWOD seminar and am now qualified, via Dark Horse Rowing, as a Concept2 Indoor Rowing Instructor in order that I can share my passion for indoor rowing with others.

I previously held British Records on both the Indoor Rower and SkiErg.

Please visit the achievements page to see the successes I have had in my own fitness journey in recent years.

As well as being a coach, I very much enjoy being coached. You can always learn something new from others.

I have been coached Olympic Weightlifting by multiple British Championships Winner Marius Hardiman and Olympian, World Championship & European Championship Silver medalist Team GB Lifter Sarah Davies.

I have been coached in business by Daniel John and Chet Morjaria.


I am currently coached remotely by Eddie Fletcher for Indoor Rowing.

I am currently coached remotely for strength by Puma sponsored athlete Anastasia Lowe.

I am currently learning mindfulness and meditation online with Bhante Samitha from the Dhamma Nikethanaya Buddhist Academy.

I think life is there for the taking so I like to make as much of life as I can. I love pushing my body to its limits to see what it can do, and I love learning new skills. Approaching training in this way helps keep me motivated and makes it enjoyable rather than being something I feel I should do to keep fit!


I have been instructing and coaching in sports for just over 20 years. Due to my passion for teaching, in 2012 I also began designing and delivering classroom based training with young people and adults. I have several years of experience in designing and delivering training. I therefore have a breadth of experience when it comes to instructing, teaching and coaching.

I love teaching and coaching. I like to help others learn and develop. Within both a fitness/sporting context and everyday movements, I have a particular interest in coaching. I like to look at the way someone is currently moving, find the inefficiencies, then help them to improve to be able to move with good form and movement patterns for sporting performance and/or everyday activities.