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A 24-hour fitness event... or fit-a-thon!Like a marathon but fitness!

⭐️ A huge thank you to everyone who got involved in the fitathon, from the local charities we supported to the various fitness professionals and therapists who made a video for the event.

⭐️Thank you to everybody who came along to take part throughout the 24 hours.

⭐️Thank you to everyone who donated. I was overwhelmed with the support & donations received, which totalled over £2800!

⭐️I have always wanted to have a business that is in a position to support charity work and I am pleased to be living that dream.


Much love ❤️ Stay safe


Val 😊xx



A 24-hour fitness event... or fit-a-thon!Like a marathon but fitness!

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If you would also like to support local Swindon/Wiltshire Charities doing some amazing work at this time, please check out Swindon Children's Scrapstore, Wiltshire Tree House and Swindon Domestic Abuse Service:


People with other illnesses may be experiencing a difference in their care during this time due to the Pandemic. One of the Back2Fitness Sport's Therapists, Kirsty, is currently fighting off cancer and is being supported by the charity Sarcoma UK. If you would like to donate funds to this charity please do so here:

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Through my own social media, I saw that many people were struggling with being in lockdown. My thoughts then turned to those who may be having a very difficult experience at this time. I got to thinking about people in the lockdown situation where their home environment is unsafe, in particular adults in domestic abuse relationships, children in homes where they endure child abuse and LGBT young people in homes with homophobic/transphobic family or household member.

Our very own Michaela (leading a mobility session for the event), experienced and came back strongly from an ectopic pregnancy. This charity is therefore of personal importance to us as a staff team at Battleground Fitness.

The NHS and the many charities that are supporting the NHS with care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic are doing a sterling job and I also felt it was important to recognise them throughout this fundraising effort.

I then set up a fitness partnership with all of the organisations listed at the bottom of this page to hold a 24 Hour Fitness Event.

The aim of this event is to raise funds for:

FRIDAY 1st MAY 2020 1900hrs

The event will be for 24 hours from Friday 1st May 7pm to Saturday 2nd May 7pm and will be delivered online via Zoom. You can join us at any point during the 24 hour period for as long or short as you like. Click the registration link to get involved and you will be sent full details.

You can join in for as long or as short as you wish and you can come and go as you please throughout the event. We will have a full programme of sessions as well as an ongoing AMRAP to get involved in. So far confirmed sessions for the event include:

•    Functional Fitness by Pierre from Battleground Fitness
•    5 Burpee Special by Kim (Fuller Fitness) & Tony (Mohawk Fitness) from Battleground Fitness
•    Mobility by Michaela (Life Strong) from Battleground Fitness
•    HIIT with Lu and Kevin from Battleground Fitness
•    HIIT with Will from Ffoxetrot Personal Training
•    Boxing Fitness Circuit with Darren from Scrappers Boxing and Community Fitness Centre
•    Injury Reduction and Mobility with April and Lucy from Back2Fitness Swindon
•    HIIT with Faye (and Amber – small human! 😊 ) from FMH Fitness​

•    HIIT circuits with Laura from SN1 Fit and Fight Klub Swindon​​

•    Locomotion Routine with Leighton James from GMB Fitness​​

•    Your questions answered by Dan John - Strength and Conditioning expert

Plus music from New Rules

Do you have any fitness/strength training questions to put to Dan John? We have a rare opportunity to ask him some questions and draw on his knowledge, would be great to make use of it. Send a question HERE


Please could you  encourage your friends and family to join in and/or donate.

Following the event you will be issued with a certificate for taking part to say thank you and commemorate your part.

Get involved and help raise funds for some worthwhile causes:

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